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Igor Kischka – Oriental Mejanse


Discover the Captivating Artistry of Igor Kischka – A Journey from Brazil to Your Screen!

🌎 Origin: Brazil
💃 Choreography: Oriental Mejanse
⏰ Duration: 114 min. 30 sec. 🎶 Music duration: 2 min. 56 sec.
🎥 Format: Recorded live Zoom workshop
🗣️ Language: English (with Traditional Chinese subtitles)
🔓 Access: 2 years

Uncover the Magic with Three Comprehensive Lessons:

1️⃣ Lesson 1: In-Depth Breakdown and Workshop Recording
2️⃣ Lesson 2: Master the Full Choreography – Front View
3️⃣ Lesson 3: Master the Full Choreography – Back View

4️⃣ Lesson 4: Lyrics Translation

Embark on this unforgettable dance journey, refine your skills, and relive the energy of the live experience from the comfort of your own space.

Join Igor Kischka, embrace the enchantment of Oriental Mejanse, and enjoy a window into the heart of Brazilian artistry.

A comprehensive look into the choreography, providing detailed insights into its technical components and nuances.