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Margarita Sheikh Ali Shaabi Taka Taka


Artist: Margarita Sheikh Ali

Country: Ukraine

Name of the choreography: Shaabi Taka Taka

Workshop duration: 2 hrs

Language: English

Access 2 years

How many lessons:

Lesson 1 Part 1. Front view.

Lesson 2 Part 1. Back view.

Lesson 3 Part 2. Front view.

Lesson 4 Part 2. Back view.

Lesson 5 Part 3. Front view.

Lesson 6 Part 3. Back view.

Lesson 7 Part 4. Front view.

Lesson 8 Part 4. Back view.

Lesson 9 Full choreography (front view)

Lesson 10 Full choreography (back view)


Level: intermediate and professionals

A breakdown of the choreography with a detailed explanation of the technical elements. View from the front and back.