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Margarita Sheikh Ali Shaabi Taka Taka


🌟 Unveil the Vibrancy of Shaabi Taka Taka with Margarita Sheikh Ali!

🕒 Workshop Duration: Immerse yourself in 2 hours of dynamic instruction.

🎵 Music: 3 minutes and 1 second of rhythmic beats to inspire your dance.

🗣️ Language: Dive into the details in English.

🔓 Access Duration: Enjoy 2 years of access to refine your skills.

📚 Lesson Breakdown:

  • Lesson 1: Part 1. Front view.
  • Lesson 2: Part 1. Back view.
  • Lesson 3: Part 2. Front view.
  • Lesson 4: Part 2. Back view.
  • Lesson 5: Part 3. Front view.
  • Lesson 6: Part 3. Back view.
  • Lesson 7: Part 4. Front view.
  • Lesson 8: Part 4. Back view.
  • Lesson 9: Experience the full choreography from the front view.
  • Lesson 10: Witness the full choreography from the back view.

🌟 Recommended Level: Perfect for intermediate and professional dancers seeking to elevate their skills.

Unleash the energy of Shaabi Taka Taka with Margarita Sheikh Ali! Master each step, refine your technique, and infuse your performance with authenticity and flair. 💃✨

A breakdown of the choreography with a detailed explanation of the technical elements. View from the front and back.