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All our teachers are great masters and full of experience!

Julia Farid

professional oriental dance artist, stage director, instructor and choreographer from Ukraine-Italy. Organizer of Isadora Cup Festival, "Dream & Dance" Intensive Course, founder of Tips4hips online platform, Isadora Dance Academy based in Ukraine and Isadora design studio that creates unique costumes for dancers all over the world.

Mohamed Kazafy, Egypt

Mohamed Kazafy is the main choreographer in “Reda Troupe”. His specialization is Egyptian folklore. This is a very unique chance to get the right information from professionals and original sources! Who can introduce better than originally born in Egypt, specialized, educated professional choreographer and stage director!? He made a thousand shows and choreographies in Egypt and all over the world!

Kristina Derkach

An internationally recognized teacher, choreographer and performer. In last 10 years she teached belly dance in over 30 countries. She is a teacher and superstar of Nile Group festival in Cairo and currently dancing on the best stages in Cairo. Organizer of the biggest international festival in Ukraine “Al Hayat Festival”. A dancer with powerful and feminine Egyptian technique (Kristina of Cairo) and Cairo band by Mohamed Reda.

Anna Chepets

Professional bellydancer, teacher and judge. Travel all over the world with workshops and show. Multiple winner of championships and festivals in Ukraine and abroad. Co-organizer “Bagira the way to the stars” festival. Licensed judge and coach of UAVST. Certified teacher of the Professional League. Teacher of workshops in different countries.


Cinzia is a well known Bellydancer, choreographer and teacher, appreciated for her technique, charisma and educational method. Cinzia has travelled around the world, teaching and performing on the most famous stages and is now regularly offering online classes to students worldwide on zoom platform. She is the owner of the Badia Opera’ Academy and of the Mashrabiya Festival.

Kira Habibi Lal, Ukraine

Kira holds work-shops and intensive training sessions in tribal-fusion belly dance, yoga, fitness, and cardio classes all over Ukraine, Russia, Belorussia and in Europe. She is the organizer of the annual international festival “Tribal Autumn in Lviv, the participant of the tribal-project Ambrosia Art in Motion, directed by Vesna Zorman, Slovenia. Kira is also the director of the dance project “Apsaras’ Breath”, Ukraine.

Ariel Khalih, Brazil

Ariel Khalih young and talented teacher from Brazil with powerful technique. She is an international bellydance coach(Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, China, Paraguay, Venezuela, Italy, Peru, Colombia, Japan, Taiwan etc.). Three-time champion Mercado Persa; Five-time DU champion, two-time CIAD champion and champion of several other festivals.

Diana Gabrielyan, Ukraine

Diana Gabrielyan Ukraine The most charismatic dancer in Ukraine! Multiple champion of Ukraine and abroad! Teacher of the most prestigious festival in the world "Ahlan wa Sahlan"! Miss Bellydance Europe! Teacher of workshops in different countries! Licensed judge and teacher of the Ukrainian Oriental Dance Association.

Margo Sheikh Ali, Ukraine

Margo Sheikh Ali - Ukraine Professional belly dancer. International judge and teacher. Judge and teacher UFOD. Director The Sheikh Ali School of Belly Dance. Organizer The Sheikh Ali Cup. Winner of the «Battle of Champions of Ukraine» and many competitions in Ukraine and other countries. Winner of the title "Coach of the Year 2019" UFOD.

Tanya Bukhinnik, Ukraine

Professional bellydancer from Ukraine Many-time Champion of Ukraine competitions and abroad. Champion of Europe (Chech Republic, 2018) Teacher and head of “TaBu Dance School” Judge and coach of competition in Ukraine.

Valeriia Bakurova, Ukraine

Professional Ukrainian bellydancer, teacher, judge, choreographer. Multiple winner of many national and international festivals. Silver medalist of the International Festival "Eilat Festival 2012 " Israel. She has performed on the many international stages ( Vietnam, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Hungary, Jordan, Oman, Cairo) Winner of AhlanWaSahlan Festival 2019.

Yulianna Voronina, Ukraine

Yulianna Voronina - International Belly dance Judge (IDF) , famous teacher of work shops more than 50 countries, champion of Ukraine, champion of Italy, champion of the world together with her belly dance school Empire, author of unique online courses for teachers and dancers, which have already been taken by more than 20,000 students around the world , winner of international competitions in different countries, a multiple prize world winner and European championships, coach of multiple world champions, member of the television project "So you think you can dance " ( top 40 dancers) the director and organizer of international festival Orient Empire in Odessa,Ukraine.

Vlada Yanuk, Ukraine

Professional bellydancer. Owner of the school "Pearl of the East". Judge and teacher - Ukrainian Federation of Oriental Dance. Winner of the Ahlan Wa Sahlan festival in Cairo. World Champion. Workshops lecturer. Choreographer by education.

Julieta Marlene, Argentina

Professional Bellydancer, international teacher and judge from Argentina, recognized for her charisma, technique, and her unique style. She's dedicated to teaching dance in different countries, as well as being the director of her own dance school. Julieta has perfected herself in Arab dances, but also in classical and contemporary dances.

Irina Pereklo, Ukraine

Professional oriental dancer, teacher, instructor, choreographer. Judge, lector and teacher of Ukrainian Federation of Oriental Dance. Lecturer and teacher of training courses and advanced training courses for judges and teachers of UFOD. Performed in different countries (France, China, South Korea, Bahrain and others ) Winner of festivals and competitions in Ukraine and abroad.

Angella Kim, South Korea

2007 Nagwa Fouad Cup Semi-Pro 2nd Place in Korea 2008, the first place in Oriental Dance organized by World Dance Association in China 2009 ,Top Belly International Competition 2nd place in Korea 2010, 1st place in Asia International bellydance competition in Bali 2015, Oriental Passion Festival in Greece 1st place in Dina Cup competition 2016, Best choreographer awarded in El Sa'wah festival 2017, Best Teacher awarded in El Sa'wah festival 2018, Best master Teacher awarded In Ahlan International bellydance festival 2019, Best instructor awarded In Cairo Klan festival.


Shahrzad, USA

Shahrzad is a professional dance instructor and performer specializing in Raqs Sharqi as well as traditional and social dance styles from around North Africa and the Middle East. She has been dancing since the age of 11 and has spent the past 6 years living and working in Egypt. She currently resides in Cairo where she performs and teaches and regularly tours internationally for shows and workshops.

Violetta Subbotina

Violetta Subbotina, Ukraine

Violetta Subbotina - professional bellydancer, international teacher and judge from Ukraine. World Champion 2021, World Champion 2022(Egypt) , 10 times champion of Ukraine, cup winner of Alex de Lora and Assala Ibrahim, absolutely winner and teacher at the festival “Aywa Salamanca” Spain.

Tapdygova Ramile, Ukraine - Azerbaijan

Professional dancer and teacher from Ukraine. Ramile A Ukrainian oriental dancer of Azerbaijani nationality with powerful charisma and a special presentation. Ramile is a master class lecturer. Winner of the Battle of Champions 2019, 2022, as well as a multiple winner of oriental dance competitions and festivals in Ukraine and abroad. The owner of the crown of Elena Ramazanova (2019) Priority directions: Dabka, Khaliji, saidi, pop music, rake sharki, Roman Havasi Turkish Gypsy Dance.

Warda, Bulgaria

Warda is a professional dancer and certified belly dance instructor. She gave workshops in Bulgaria and abroad (Greece, Serbia, Ukraine, Germany, Egypt, Russia). Organizer of the biggest oriental dance events in Sofia. Finalist and judge at various competitions. Dancer in Kazafy's International Egyptian Folklore Troupe. She speaks and teaches Arabic language and performs a lot in Egypt at weddings, boats, 5-star hotels and parties. She also participated in music videos of Arab stars.

Dana Siropolka, Ukraine

DANA SIROPOLKA is a charismatic and professional belly dancer, certified teacher, and choreographer from Ukraine. She is the head of her own studio “Dana-Dance Studio” and her own project “Dana-Dance online school” with regular classes on Zoom for international students. Dana is a licensed judge and trainer in the international category with big experience in many international festivals and competitions all around the world before as multiple winners and now as a teacher and judge.

Igor Kischka, Brazil

International dancer, teacher and choreographer of Arab dances since 2011, with constant national and international trips teaching courses and shows, Igor Kischka conquered the world with his differentiated work, uniting masculine and feminine essences to build his style and use new techniques. He established himself as the greatest and biggest international male Belly Dance career in Brazil.

Maris, Estonia - Egypt

Maris started learning oriental dance in her home country Estonia and festivals in Europe in 2005. She started teaching and professionally dancing in 2011 and began her traveling dance career in 2013 with her first dance work abroad in Egypt . In addition to the latter she has performed in USA, UAE, Lebanon, Qatar, Kurdistan , Palestine and many countries in Europe. In Egypt Maris is most known for the video clip "Maltashet el 2loub" with Mostafa Shawki and some smaller roles in TV serials.

Veronika Kremenskaya, Ukraine

Professional dancer, judge and trainer. Teacher of master classes in Ukraine and abroad. Charismatic dancer dancing in the Egyptian style. The winner of the third place at Cleopatra 2023 ,Egypt in professionals. absolute winner in the professionals of the Heba International Festival in Korea 2023 The owner of the main cup in professional by Mohamed Shahin. And the champion of many festivals in Ukraine and Europe in professionals.

Samir, France - Mexico

Samir, an internationally acclaimed teacher and performer of Egyptian oriental dance, began his journey studying under renowned figures like Dina, Randa Kamel, and others. With wins in competitions worldwide, he's now a sought-after teacher, judge, and dancer at major festivals across the globe. Samir manages dance schools in Paris and Oaxaca, Mexico, and has taught at the Nile Group Festival in Cairo for over six years. He's currently a master teacher at the Raks of Course Festival in Cairo, known for his refined technique and charismatic style, all rooted in Egypt.

Kristina Boyarchuk, Ukraine

Experienced dancer, choreographer, and workshop instructor. Ukraine's multiple champion, 2009 World Championship bronze medalist, and winner at various international festivals. 7 years of coaching expertise.