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Julia Farid El Baladi Yewkal


Artist: Julia Farid

Country: Ukraine – Italy

Name of the choreography: El Baladi Yewkal

Workshop duration: 3 hrs

Language: English (traditional Chinese subtitles for the lecture and Q&A parts)

Access 2 years

How many lessons:

Lesson 1 Lecture part 1 (32:08)

Lesson 2 Lecture part 2 (17:01)

Lesson 3          Warm up + song translation (7:13)

Lesson 4 Detailed breakdown of the choreography part 1 (1:48:03)

Lesson 5 Detailed breakdown of the choreography part 2 (12:17)

Lesson 6 Q&A (5:42)

Lesson 7 Video of the choreography from the back

Lesson 8 Performance video of the choreography from the front

(Record of the live workshop. Song translation to the English.)

Level: intermediate and professionals

NOTIFICATION This is a recording of a live workshop. It may have internet failures and delays. Sometimes students will ask the teacher questions.

【Baladi intensive training】

– theoretical part (origin, competent creation of the image on stage, costume)

– choreography (detailed analysis), at the end of the class, a full dance