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Anna Chepets Modern Shaabi


🌟 Unlock the Magic of Modern Shaabi with Anna Chepets!

🕒 Workshop Duration: Immerse yourself in a comprehensive session spanning 2 hours and 20 minutes.

🎵 Music: Let the vibrant beats guide your steps through this captivating choreography (Duration: 2 minutes and 27 seconds).

🗣️ Language: Engage with detailed instruction provided in English.

🔓 Access Duration: Enjoy 2 years of unlimited access to refine your skills.

📚 Lesson Breakdown:

  • Lesson 1: Part 1. Front view.
  • Lesson 2: Part 1. Back view.
  • Lesson 3: Part 2. Front view.
  • Lesson 4: Part 2. Back view.
  • Lesson 5: Part 3. Front view.
  • Lesson 6: Part 3. Back view.
  • Lesson 7: Part 4. Front view.
  • Lesson 8: Part 4. Back view.
  • Lesson 9: Experience the full choreography from the front view.
  • Lesson 10: Witness the full choreography from the back view.

🌟 Recommended Level: Perfect for intermediate and professional dancers eager to explore the dynamic world of Modern Shaabi.

Dive into the fusion of tradition and modernity with Anna Chepets’ Modern Shaabi workshop! 💃✨🎶

A breakdown of the choreography with a detailed explanation of the technical elements. View from the front and back.