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Yulianna Voronina Andah Aaleik


🌟 “Andah Aaleik” Workshop by Yulianna Voronina 🎶
🕒 Duration: 1 hour and 52 minutes
🎵 Music: 3 minutes and 4 seconds
🗣️ Language: English
🔓 Access: Enjoy 2 years of access
📚 Lesson Plan:
1️⃣ Detailed Choreography Explanation
2️⃣ Full Performance Video
🎓 Level: Ideal for both amateurs and professionals

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the “Andah Aaleik” choreography through Yulianna Voronina’s expert guidance, offering a detailed breakdown and a captivating full performance. Perfect for dancers at any level! 💃✨

Comprehensive deconstruction of the choreography, accompanied by in-depth technical explanations, showcasing both front and rear perspectives.