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Valeriia Bakurova Golden Era


🌟 Discover the Elegance of the Golden Era with Valeriia Bakurova!

🕒 Workshop Duration: Embark on a 57-minute journey into the beauty of the Golden Era.

🎵 Music: Let the captivating rhythms guide your movements through this enchanting choreography (Duration: 2 minutes and 35 seconds).

🗣️ Language: Engage with detailed instruction in English.

🔓 Access Duration: Enjoy 2 years of unlimited access to refine your skills.

📚 Lesson Breakdown:

  • Lesson 0: Introduction to set the stage for your dance journey.
  • Lesson 1: Part 1. Front view.
  • Lesson 2: Part 1. Back view.
  • Lesson 3: Part 2. Front view.
  • Lesson 4: Part 2. Back view.
  • Lesson 5: Part 3. Front view.
  • Lesson 6: Part 3. Back view.
  • Lesson 7: Experience the full choreography from the front view.
  • Lesson 8: Witness the full choreography from the back view.

🌟 Recommended Level: Perfect for intermediate and professional dancers ready to embrace the timeless elegance of the Golden Era.

Step into the spotlight and let the allure of the Golden Era inspire your dance journey with Valeriia Bakurova. 💃✨🎶

A breakdown of the choreography with a detailed explanation of the technical elements. View from the front and back.