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Shahrzad – Awidt Ayni


🌟 Choreography Exploration: “Awidt Ayni” by Shahrzad

🔍 Unravel the nuances and steps of this intriguing choreography in-depth.

🔢 Workshop Details:

  • Duration: 100 minutes, 30 seconds.
  • Language: English (Chinese subtitles)
  • Access: Available for 2 years

📚 Course Breakdown:

Part 1: Comprehensive Analysis

Part 2: Detailed Examination

Part 3: In-Depth Exploration

Part 4: Thorough Dissection

Full Choreography Video (Face View)

Translated Lyrics

Song Rhythms

Please note: This video is a Zoom conference recording, so slight internet delays may occur.

🌟 Comprehensive Choreography Breakdown

📐 Delve into a detailed technical analysis of the choreography’s intricate elements.

🔍 Highlights:

  • In-depth Explanation
  • Technical Breakdown

Explore each element from both angles, ensuring a complete understanding of the choreography’s technical facets from all perspectives.