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Julieta Marlene – Dynamic Drum Solo


Artist: Julieta Marlene

Country: Argentina

Choreography: Dynamic Drum Solo

Workshop Duration: Immerse yourself for a total workshop duration of 21 minutes and 51 seconds.

Language: English

Access Duration: Enjoy 2 years of unlimited access, allowing you to revisit and refine your skills at your own pace.

Lesson Breakdown:

  • Lesson 1: Comprehensive breakdown, Part 1, providing both front and back views for a thorough understanding of movements.
  • Lesson 2: Detailed breakdown, Part 2, offering both front and back views to master the intricacies of the dance.
  • Lesson 3: Further breakdown, Part 3, providing both front and back views for a comprehensive learning experience.
  • Lesson 4: Explore the full choreography with an in-depth front view, capturing the essence of the dance.
  • Lesson 5: Delve into the complete choreography with a detailed back view, gaining new insights and perfecting your performance.

An overview of the choreography with a detailed explanation of its technical components.