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Dana Siropolka – El Youm El Helw Dah by Ahmed Saad


🌟 Dana Siropolka’s ‘El Youm El Helw Dah’ Workshop

🎨 Artist: Dana Siropolka

🌍 Country: Ukraine

🕺 Choreography: ‘El Youm El Helw Dah’ by Ahmed Saad

⏱️ Duration: 83 min. 25 sec.

🗣️ Language: English

🔓 Access: 2 years

📚 Lessons:

1️⃣ Detailed breakdown of the choreography. Front and back view.

2️⃣ Full Choreography. Front view.

3️⃣ Full Choreography. Back view.

4️⃣ Translation

Engage with Dana Siropolka’s intricate choreography, ‘El Youm El Helw Dah.’ Dive deep into front and back perspectives and explore the complete choreography, all with a comprehensive translation.

✨ Don’t miss out on two years’ access to this enriching workshop!

A comprehensive insight into the dance routine detailing its technical element