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Violetta Subbotina Drum Solo


🌟 Drum Solo Mastery Workshop with Violetta Subbotina 🥁

🕒 Duration: 2 hours and 13 minutes

🗣 Language: English

🔓 Access: 2 years

📚 Lesson Breakdown:

1️⃣ Front View Performance

2️⃣ Back View Performance

3️⃣ Full Choreography (Front View)

4️⃣ Full Choreography (Back View)

🎓 Skill Level: Suitable for both amateurs and professionals

Unlock the vibrant world of Tabla Solo dance with Violetta Subbotina’s comprehensive workshop, including various views of the performance and detailed choreography instructions! 💃🥁

Comprehensive deconstruction of the choreography, accompanied by in-depth technical explanations, showcasing both front and rear perspectives.