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Dana Siropolka Modern Pop Song by Julia Boutros “Ala Shou”


🌟 Elevate Your Dance Skills with Dana Siropolka

🌍 Artist : Dana Siropolka

🌏 Country : Ukraine

🎶 Choreography : Modern Pop Song by Julia Boutros “Ala Shou”

🕒 Workshop Duration : 85 min. 37 sec.

🎶 Music duration: 2 min. 59 sec.

🗣️ Language : English

🎥 Format : Prerecorded bellydance workshop

🔐 Access Period : Enjoy Two Full Years of Access (2 years)

📚 What’s Included :

Lesson 1: Detailed workshop breakdown with front and back views.

Lesson 2: Experience the full choreography with music from a captivating front view.

Lesson 3: Explore the full choreography with music, this time from a mesmerizing back view.

Lesson 4: Lyrics Translation.

A comprehensive look into the choreography, providing detailed insights into its technical components and nuances.